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My music is currently placed with seven music library companies, and features on the following albums:




9lives-gossip-glamour  crossbreed-mm  9lives-light-tension  sa-devastating 

9lives-life-stories  sa-epic-songs  9Lives Dark Comedy copy  9Lives Enchanted christmas SMALL

9Lives Awe & Beauty SMALL  9Lives Colourful Characters 2 SMALL  accoustic_Patterns3_670 copy  9Lives Emotive Piano 2 SMALL

Reality TV 9 Lives  9Lives 100  9Lives survival  Bon Voyage small

The Cat Machine  Little Big  9Lives Creative Cuts Summer Hooks  9Lives Building Patterns

Prestige & Luxury  Sparsity  Positive Scores  


  9Lives Emotive Piano    

      Cue SFZ